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About me
Mostly I'm Katie with an optional 'foolery' on the end. Some know me as "Buneater" and "Bunne" and I am gracious enough to allow them to continue to do so. :D

I love grammar, I firmly believe in spelling and I'm developing a healthy relationship with the semi-colon after ignoring it for so long (mostly out of misplaced fear).

The stories I have here are... quite varied. The poemish thing called "Cianan" was a result of one of the characters from my WIP, The Black Fiddle of Barnet, coming into my head one day and telling me he wanted to write a poem. He can be very arty that way, some times.

My other story is a very short little thing but I had a lot of fun writing it. You're welcome to have just as much fun reading it, if you feel so inclined.

Holly Hughes was begun recently and I anticipate that it will continue for a while.

You can also find me at my blog, . Don’t be shy – leave a comment if you like!

I jointly-run a ficlet comm on LJ, too. The concept is that we post a prompt word once a week and you set aside fifteen minutes to write a ficlet based on that word. It's a good way to get some free-writing going and just to have a bit of fun! You don't have to be a member to take part, so have a look: http:///15_minute_fic/.

If you leave a review for me, then it will be returned. I enjoy reading new stories, so I'm always keen to meet new friends on FictionPress.

Please note that I'm an Australian and as a result of this, I use the British spelling in my writing. This means I tend to put ‘u’s in words such as "colour" and capitalise seasons, months and days of the week.

Updated: Monday, 24th May, 2010

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