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My author page exists mostly as a nostalgic archive. I don't intend to mess with any of the projects here ever again. I wrote most of these things 8 years ago when I was 15, so you can imagine the disconnect and embarrassment I feel toward them.

I'm glad people still occasionally find my stuff here and actually enjoy it. I appreciate and am often baffled by the amount of people who have been so affected by Manhattan Love Story over the years. Because of that, I'm still able to be proud of it in some way, even though I no longer see it as a worthwhile creative work (please keep that in mind when reviewing– I view the story so harshly these days that any criticism of it is essentially redundant).

If you're interested in what I'm up to creatively these days (which may be nothing, but as of right now in April 2009, I'm working on my third novel attempt), feel free to send a PM or add me on Livejournal. :)

– Savannah

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