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End Of The Innocence
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Have no fear. If you're even taking the time to read this, I will not make it unbareably drawn out. Let me start out by saying that my name is Briley, and I am currently a freshmen at James Maddison University in Virginia. I am a vocal performance major, which, though I am not the biggest fan of singing clasical pieces, the only option for me. I'd get incredibly wrestless if I tried anything else. I love clasic rock, jazz, Bach, and Christian music. I'm not a huge fan of hymns though, so don't go thinking I pop in Amazing Grace every morning.
I also love to read. Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings series, the Chronicles of Narnia, John Grisam books, and the Bible are just a few of my million favorites. Asking me to pick my favorite book is like asking me to pick my favorite song; it's impossible.
College doesn't allow much time for my other passion; writing. Unfortunately, I don't have any pieces to update my small portfoleo with, but please read what is here. All of these works, (mostly poetry,) were written at different times throughout the past several years. I am a totally different person now, but it is nice to read through and see the growth in both my writing, and in myself. Check out my favorites lists. There's some awesome works and writers on there.
Thanks for reading this. Now go read the more important works; my writings. In fact, that's the entire point of this sight. Be honest in your reviews, and offer all the critisism you like. If you review my work, I will review yours.

Quotes To Live By:
"God doesn't help those who help themselves; he helps those who can't." -Dan Flynn

"We must live as people who are prepared to die, and die as people who are prepared to live." -James S. Stewart

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