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NAME: Shinagami (it was changed to SHIMAGAMI so that I could actually use it. It means Queen of Darkness)

RACE: Mostly ELF though I have been known to be other things ^

I decided to update my page! Yayness for me! I apologize to everyone for not updateing but I have been living in Rhode Island without access to the internet... it's actually not as bad as it sounds. I'll be home for two week and I'll try to update as much as I can.

Current projects: Well, I'm in the process of writing two books ontop of a lot of poetry. My two books are called "Falling Skyward"
(aka Back to the Shadows... I renamed it) and "Legend of the Kings of Ire". Both are good long chapter book and please pray for me a lot so that I can find time to actually write them.

Cool, so that was everything, hope you review my work sorry if I don't review back but I'll probably be back in RI. Thanx!

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