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Hey guys, High School Hell has once again started for another monotonous year so I doubt I'll be getting too much posting done until my first break or so, but bear w/ me I'll post the second I get a chance to write. thanks. ^-^

Name: if you really want to know...ask.
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Location: Hell on Earth (aka Arizona)

lil bit of info. about my life:
I lost my dad three, going on four, years ago, I've seen my mom go through two divorces, I'm currently very love struck, as the majority of my poems reflect, and am going crazy because the guy I like is like my best friend. I just write because I love being able to vent on paper instead of to actual people, because people make me feel even worse. I, as most of us do, LOVE reviews, they just make my whole day, especially good reviews. If you do review my stuff I make a concious effort to read through most if not all of your work and review what I like. Hm...I do believe that's about my life in a short summary. If you want to know more about me feel free to drop me an email or an Instant message.

a little background on my work:
I really only write about three things (max [my current obession, my dad [whom I lost a few years ago, my crazy fu*ed up life [enough said]) and once in awhile I'll throw in a piece about the few wonderful friends I have just for some variety. unlike my wonderful friend brittany (exceedingly eccentric) I am a "deprived, soul-searching, love-lost, everything-is-the-colour-black" (Minus the 'u' in color because I don't pretend to be british, lol.)sort of person. And all of my work reflects it. Although I tend to stay away from the darker aspects of life like suicide and cutting because they are just too hard for meto write about right now, although if you look hard enough you'll find the inuendos all over the place.

I'd like to especially thank the following people for either adding me to their favorite(s) list(s) or for numerous reviews, you guys and gals are wonderful and constantly keep me encouraged enough to keep writing:
Damaged, insert name here, exceedingly eccentric, escapist, SilentlyScreamingForHelp, XOXOChibiChibiSM, Tresparadise, Sarah Parker, Young'n'HopelessKid, Chikemuri, Cindy Moon, Writerofascientist, Kitty Ryan, Princess Claire, The-Black-Kitty

I got my first flame today, something to be proud of, I was gettin kind of sick of the same old type of reviews. Thank you very much Cosmo-The-Bard. lol.

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