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"I will stand or I will fall. I will not sit." - Largo from Megatokyo

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HR: Demon Master - Chapter 1

Random Info of the Day: THANK YOU NANOWRIMO I AM WRITING AGAIN! Oh, and yes, I intentionally put that in caps.


-I like quotes, I like video games (RPGs mostly), I like Anime and Manga, I love to read, and I love to shop at bookstores.

-I watch American Idol, Fox News, and an occasional comedy show as far as television. I prefer to rent movies (don't much like the expense and crowds of theaters), though an occasional splurge on a friend night is fun.

-I work at a Quizno's as a Shift Manager, usually smell like sandwiches, though I try very hard to mask it when I put on my Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume; doesn't always work.

-I am a music major. I play clarinet as my main instrument. I also play piano, saxophone, and I sing (soprano range). I love music from the classical and romantic eras mostly. (Mainly Mozart, Stamitz, and Chopin -- Stamitz has some awesome clarinet music if you don't know that name but recognize the others).

-I dream of being an author with at least one kid and lots of cats; I also dream of playing clarinet for the movies. All those awesome soundtracks? I wanna play them, officially.

-I have one big happy family and love each and every one of them, even the in-laws; I also do my best to love every person in the world, though it becomes tough at times; my friends through the years have described me as both shy and outgoing, and at times I feel like a hyperactive child trapped behind a huge brick wall of anxiety and fear.

-I can usually be found on the computer when not reading, working, or playing piano; like the majority of my generation, I am an internet junkie, but mostly I just read things online; my browser history consists of Drudge Report; Livejournal; OneManga; American Idol among others, such as webcomics like Dominic Deegan, LFG, xkcd and whatever I can find when bored.

-I write a lot, but don't always finish before starting something new; I also read a lot, but don't always finish before picking up something different. I can work on several stories at once as well as read several stories at once. (No telling how many books + manga + webcomics I am currently reading)

-My tastes run toward fantasy and space, especially beginning to love the heavy-political moving fantasy series as opposed to the quest and adventure I used to love. My works are a mix of what I love to read and whatever comes from inside; sometimes I write with music, other times I don't; sometimes things turn out like they're supposed to, other times it's just a plain jumbled mess. But whatever it is, it's me. You can love it, you can hate it, you can ignore or adore it. But whatever it is, ah, it's always going to be a part of me.

Book(s) -

(Not reading anything specific at this time. Waiting on a new Dresden Files book and I need to go by the new Wheel of Time book. I'm busy practicing so I'm not doing much reading or writing at this moment )


-They are separated by the world in which they occur. Multiple stories under one section are not necessarily listed in order. For example "Chronicles of Avairean" consists of several stories told within the world of Avairea. Dragonblade has "Book 1" beside it. The other two (Infused Magic and Tainted White) are shorter novels written in the same world but actually occur BEFORE the Main Arc. In other words, it doesn't matter what order you read them in unless it says "book 1" "book 2" etc.

Cybernetic Clone - Science Fiction - First Person Past


My name is Erik Daivensky. Black hair. Blue eyes. Not skinny, not fat. Just your average American, I suppose. Except for one thing.

I’m somewhat of a spy for the United States government, but don’t tell anyone I told you.

For whatever reason, I know I’m much less of a child now than I ever have been, and I blame it on my most recent adventure. It’s the entire reason I wanted to write this out; I wanted to tell someone, somehow. And since I can’t do that, I’ll have to be content with writing his story.

Updating Schedule: Hiatus

Breaking Reality - Humor/Fantasy - Mulitple First Person Present Viewpoints


I’m left with Treldioa on a world of red skies and red earth and red seas to ponder the events of the last few hours. What did it mean? What am I supposed to do? What can I do? Learn to control dreams? And, Dai’tin, the very form of evil, a creature who isn’t supposed to love or fear or feel any emotion at all…has allowed me to go free, to learn from Treldioa, the Balance…

It doesn’t make sense.

I’m alive, and it doesn’t make sense.

“Nothing will make sense, until you accept it,” Treldioa mutters, turning to face me on this red, red world with a frown on his angular face.

“Accept what?” I whisper, as if I’m afraid to know the answer.

He raises his arms out, looking around at the world we stand on, but I know the gesture means to encompass more than just this strange planet. “Accept that your dreams are reality.”

Updating Schedule: Random

A Thief's Tale - Fantasy - D&D based - First Person Present


And I can’t stop shaking. I can’t stop staring at the blood on my hands, on my clothes. I can’t stop clenching my dagger in my trembling fingers.

My dagger. ‘A thief always has at least one dagger on him. As you practice, you may collect items of value, or little toys that interest you, but always keep a good dagger on you. You’ll never know when you’ll need it.’

My family weapon. ‘Sometimes thieves become more than that. Sometimes we have to kill. Some of our members become more than a thief, much more. Usually they’re the ones who have cut all ties to their family, the ones who are truly alone, alone except for their favorite weapon of choice. We call them assassins, because they offer their talents for money…Something I’ll never do, that’s for sure.’

My Ildri.

Updating Schedule: Random

--Human Resistance:--

Demon Master - Book 1 - Space Fantasy - First Person Past / Third Person Past


He didn’t see her nod. He didn’t hear her affirmative. But he felt the cold as the little light in the area was suddenly sucked away so that there was only the glow of the sword. The golden glow of the Tri-vol, an awakened demon.

"Traes al anir," Dain said into the silence. Now knowing the translation, he shivered. The demon awakes, indeed.

Updating Schedule: Consistent Update Coming Soon

--Chronicles of Avairean:--
Drask/Avin/Kyroque - here
Young Kelch - here
Silith - here
Wulfcon boy - here

Dragonblade- Main Arc Book 1 - Fantasy - First Person Past (Two Viewpoints, Kelch, Veedran)


"Oh yes, I think everyone is an idiot. I've been cooped up in a tower with a crazy cat mage and I finally manage to get out, and this world sucks. You guys are all so boring! I mean, seriously, a metal that can block magic? Not. Cool." - Veedran

"What makes you think I have what it takes to save the world? I just so happen to have every major race in my blood and you think that means I'm a hero? Don't blame me when things don't work out. I'll just say I told you so." - Kelch

Updating Schedule: One Day Soon

Infused Magic - Side Story - Fantasy - First Person Past (Dai'mon's Viewpoint) / as well as a few scattered Third-Person PoVs.


The blue orbs were hard when they glanced at the blind mage. “Is this boy one of your religious samurai?”

Ta’re gave a simple nod, betraying no personal expression.

“So this mountain cat is under his control?”


“The boy is smart enough not to order the cat to attack us?”

Hesitate. Nod.

“Good.” Elsang paused. “Now just a minute. Why was he with you? And heading for the main city at that? Certainly mages aren’t learning samurai tricks now, too? And what happened to the golden rule of cats hating magic?”

Updating Schedule: Saturdays? I think I can I think I can!

Tainted White - Side Story - Fantasy - First Person Past (Three Viewpoint Characters)


"But you're a Wulfcon. You're supposed to hate the ocean."

He snorted and looked away from me, crossing his arms and gazing out the window - looking toward the west, toward the beach and the ocean. "I'm a dog, not a cat. And just because my race does something one way, it doesn't mean I'm like them. I was raised around spoiled Ranger nobility, after all." He smiled at the joke aimed at me, but I ignored it, for once. "And the stories, Eme! The stories the Elves tell! I want to be out there; I want to feel their passion."

"So...you want to be a pirate." He shrugged. Nodded. I laughed. "A Wulfcon pirate. Wow, that's just crazy."

Behind us came the voice of the ever-present Anon child, Kale'Athan. "We sure live in a crazy world, then, don't we? Not only are Elf pirates considered normal, but Mistress Emelin, your father himself is the prime example of what Rangers don't typically do. And then, there's Sthera, a Wulfcon slave who birthed a half-breed you call a brother and you both consider her your mother." Kale shivered at this. He never had been comfortable around the wolf-people. "Then there's me: an Anon who rebels and is treated like a friend...What next? A Catrek falling in love with a Ranger?"

I smiled at the irony. "Actually, I met one when I visited the White City the other day; he's a Catrek mage, of all things, too, and the young princess practically adores him back!"

Kraydn placed his hands on my shoulders and turned me around to face him directly in the eyes, his strange golden wolf eyes. "You see, Eme? Your race doesn't decide who you are. Only you do."

Updating Schedule: Hiatus

--Ultimate Choices:--

Threads of Time - Book 1 - Space Fantasy - Third Person Past


She pulled on his left hand, trying to make him move and follow. “Come on, let’s go,” she pleaded with a cute smile.

Chad stared at her, narrowing his eyes as he tried to think about his decision. 'I can go with her, and somehow maneuver her away from the city. Maybe I could get her to go on a fake date with me out to the country. The Master said to capture away from any curious eyes…but…now that I’ve met her…I don’t know if I can force myself to go through with it.'

“Well, I’ve got to choose whose side I’m on sooner or later, slave or not,” he muttered under his breath.

Elisa poked her face into his. “Did you say something?” She asked, her blue eyes gleaming with innocence.

He stood up, tugging on the sleeve of his left arm to keep the metal shine hidden. She wouldn’t be able to feel anything different on his hand, but if she saw metal…she would have to know he was hiding something. “No, not much to say here,” he shrugged, throwing his black cloak back over his shoulders before following her giddy footsteps.

Updating Schedule: Hiatus

(Like I said, I love quotes)

"Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it."--C.S.Lewis

"That's what writing is all about, after all, making others see what you have put down on the page and believing that it does, or could, exist and you want to go there."--Anne McCaffrey

"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." - Cyril Connolly

"Don't change color to match the walls. Look like you belong and the walls will change color to match you." - Kender proverb (Dragonlance)

"I've often found, though, that deserving and happening don't always necessarily go together." -Tas (Dragonlance)

"Yet without the darkness, we would never be aware that the stars exist." - Palin(Dragonlance)

"Suck my disc drive!" --friend

"Hey, Raistlin, can you whoosh me somewhere?" - Tas (Dragonlance)

"I lost the Dragonblade!" - Kelch (from an RP)

"A resto druid and a feral druid walk into a playground. The kids see the resto druid and run. The feral druid asks "Why did they run from you?" The resto druid replies, "They thought I was a priest." -- joke my fiance' told me when we were still just friends.

"Procrastinators UNITE!! ... ... tomorrow." --from a shirt

"Let's do some minors...oh that doesn't sound good...especially if I were in Congress." - Music Theory teacher

"Here's what I would do if I were me." - Music Theory teacher, again

"God put a plague on our house and turned our toilet water BLUE!!" - my brother (talking about the cleaning substance to clean toilets)

"Oh no! The plague came back! I blame everyone but me. How could you?!" - my brother (when my mom decided the toilets needed another cleaning)

"Computers...are...morons." - my brother, again

"Music directors always have this strange humor that I never understand. They're just too weird."
"I get it. And it's funny." - my mom making a comment and me feeling even more like a music geek

"I liked the chapter where I turned into Veedran. And the next chapter with me. And, hey, when am I getting magic powers?"
"You just like your chapters. What about everyone else?"
"Oh. They're okay. You should write more about me. It'll make everything better."
"You're no help." - my brother about Breaking Reality

"Writing is not fun. Reading what you write and knowing you wrote that -- that's fun. But the actual writing process itself is so not fun that we tend to avoid doing it at all costs - dust the house five times over or sit down on your butt and figure out how to get your characters from their current position (point A) to where you want them to be in (point B). We'd rather dust the house."

My C2

"Cliche Fantasy Cake - Yum" is a Community I started a long time ago and never searched around enough - or remembered to - add anything. If you would like to have your story added (or rather, would like to have me look at your story so I can decide if it fits said criteria, then please send me a Fictionpress PM. I may or may not respond directly but if a few days go by and you see no result (if I add your story - I believe the action speaks for itself; if however, I don't add your story then there could be many reasons why not...) just poke me again with another PM. Sometimes I get the notification and it slips my mind. Actually, that's the most common reason for not responding or adding to the community.

On another note: it is simply a community for those typical fantasy cliche's that are the reason the genre is considered 'childish' by some. You can have a great fantasy work of art, and it not have the typical cliche's I am looking for. I'm thinking more along the lines of the creatures or settings themselves, not so much the archetypes.

Note to self: I really need to fill up this community. It's so empty...

On Reviews:

I try to keep a policy; it never seems to stick. I read, I review. Sometimes they're helpful reviews; other times they're just acknowledgments of "I like this" - though I will leave what I like if I do say that. By reviewing me, you point me to your stories. Does this mean I will diligently read them? No, not necessarily. However, I have gotten myself rid of my WoW addiction and therefore have more time. As I get back into my writing, I will get more into my fictionpress involvement and old friends (or acquaintances) will once again see my name on their review lists.

Musicians and

"Characters rule the story. I just write it down."

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