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Sorry to anyone who ever read anything I've written and waited for updates. Yes... I'm aware I apologize to no one. My writing seems to have taken a turn; a turn that does not includeanything I've written here. This is all written in my old writing style, and, in all truth, sucks. So, I'm taking everything but my poetry down. It's been a fun ride. Please, do note the sarcasm.

UPDATE: 4/11/05 | 6:00 AM :

Taken down much of my poetry. Read back through it
and felt my retinas burn. Also changed the link to where all my new
work can be found; I've been too lazy to link anything on my site, so
it can all be acessed throughdeviantART.

Fare thee well; for I shall see thee not agian.

But, please, do check out my favorite stories page, these people really do deserve the spotlight they've been granted.


--Take not for granted those that love you; for you may find a time when you are without them.

All new written works can be found at: http://

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