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I'm just your average aspiring writer. None of my work is worthy of being published, so I self-publish my pitiful pieces here on FictionPress for your reading pleasure.

About My Stories:

1. I am fascinated by the Napoleonic Era and the Age of Sail, so most of my stories will focus on either of the two, or both.

2. History may and probably is off in my stories, so please pardon the errors (or point them out to me so I can fix it in revision).

3. I write my stories as I go (with a vague outline in my head), so updates are molasses-on-a-cold-day slow. Please be patient with me!

Concerning The Merchant's Daughter...

My main focus has been, for the past couple of years, The Merchant's Daughter,which hasn't changed. Since updates continue to be slow (even after 6 years in the making!), I've created a blog to keep interested readers in the loop on my writing progress (not that my story is very popular or anything). It's more to feed my one-digit readers tid-bits to kindle the hope that, no, I have not abandoned this story. Life just gets in the way. So, if you're here because you like this sorry fiction endeavor of mine, here's the link to the blog:


Plain & Proper


A Companion Blog to The Merchant's Daughter by Jackaroe


Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


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