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Joseph Corey LeJuine PM
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Quick info about me

I whine alot. I can't stand when things aren't my way. I can't work with a team because I try to control it all. I hat having to proofread. And I have the tendency to go missing on the internet for months at a time. I am also very opinionated and will argue nonstop. I'm a busybody.

I have a few good qualities, some can be thought of as annoying. I beleive the good should win, which isn't really a quality but an opinion. I like to think of new and mysterious things, doesn't mean I'm able to. I love to read, right now I'm reading grapes of wrath. I should of read it last year but I had other books to read. I love little women, which can be considered odd but it's such a sad book, poor Beth. I am easy to get along with as long as you don't criticize me in a harsh manner or ignore me by covering your ears and making noises, I hit my brother for that all the time.

Wow. no good qualities just a bunch of odd. Alright I hope you enjoy my work. I can't think of a name at the moment so I stole one of my characters name. My old name was Darren Shan but that wasn't original so I'm using Leo's for the moment.

Behind the castle walls is the one I recommend. They are all being upgraded and changed. I'm not really able to get on the computer except at school so I won't be writing much. If you want to leave a threatening message, a love letter, or a fake review email me.

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