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Hi everyone! I'm Galina and these are my poems... I'm 16 and I live in Minnesota, for now anyway... Anyone who wants to talk, IM me and I'll be glad to get new friends...
Lets see... I love writing poetry and short stories. I'm hoping to get a book published that I'm working on right now. I love music - Cradle of Filth, Manson, Korn(some), Staid, System of a Down, Mudvayne, Rasputina, Jack Off Jill, Switchblade Symphony, you get the idea...
My most favorite songs in the whole world are:

Revolution - Aimee Allen
Strawberry Gushers - Jack Off Jill
I Hate Everything About You - 3 Days Grace
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppeling
Fade to Black - Metallica
Valerie - Ghost of the Robot
In this the End - Creed

People I love: Jill Hargreaves, Ali Moeller, Megan Gamache, Chris Kreatz, Chris Roepke, Andy Myers, Mike Richmond hmmm... I have lots more only my brain isn't working right now...

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