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Name:Alicia Gayle...something or another, it's not important now...
Age: 17.
Location:Drunkenville Texas, the only perk being that my Kody lives here too ^_^
Hair: Brown, almost black, w/ coppery-reddish hilites, lil past my shoulders
Eyes:I think i'm gunna start sayin they're green. But i guess i could still say hazel. They like to change, u c.
Height:5'8" (littul licia)
Fav. Peoples: Kody! The love of my life! and Millie! my best friend and would-be lesbian lover!
Fav. Boox: Harry Potter, Caroline B. Cooney books (what happened to janie series specifically), Anne Rice vampire series, Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging series.
Fav. Movies:Moulin Rouge, Shakespeare in Love, Finding Nemo, Merlin, Silence of the Lambs, Scream (all of 'em), etc etc etc...
Fav. Thing to Do:hahahahahahahahaha, Kody! but that's a given...when im not doing him i like to write (obviously) and act and dance and sing and most of the time just try to make my way in the crazy imperfect world.
Fav. Color: Red, Purple, Silver, Black, GREEN ^_^
Aspirations:I wish to become an actress, and if not that then a dancer, and if not that then i can always be a stripper..lol.
Inspirations:Um, most of my writings just kinda happen. I mean they're inspired by events that happen to me (esspecially SWS), but sometimes something will happen to me and I'll get a wonderful line in my head and i'll write a poem about it that has nothing to do with anything except for that one line. Other than that, it all mostly comes from daily trauma or loooooove ^_^ hehe.

OH, and other inspirations come from stuff i read, like the lovely things on http:// . you should go. ^_^

So enjoy the write-age, tell me what u think, i'm not afraid of flames as long as they're honest. I may bitch a lil but i do respect ur opinion :P. Hehe, toodlez 4 now!
*~*Scarlet `//ishingstar*~*

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