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All works presented here, dated 2004 and earlier, reflect an old me.
I'm too sentimental to delete them, though I'd like to. They embarrass me to no end.

I was born in '85. I'm female, with Hispanic, Aztec, Irish, and English roots. High cheekbones FTW.

I've been married to a bigger comic book nerd than me since '04.

I have several babies in cat form, a big goofy dog, and a desire to help others.
I love to use my hands. Drawing, writing, crocheting, knitting... I'm pretty crafty. _~

I enjoy lots of animation, in movies, cartoons, or what be it. I love fantasy stories filled with drama.
I'm a Virgo and an Ox, and I love the colors Teal, Purple, and Brown (though not together, necessarily).

I'm finally happy with who I am. I've struggled with image issues for years, but I finally like me.

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