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Leah West PM
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My name is...oh, no! The file is going to self destruct! *runs*

I'm 16, and my birthday is October 29th. My fave books are the Harry Potter series(!), the A Wrinkle in Time series, Lurlene McDaniel books, the Chicken Soup books, All American Girl, The Princess Diaries Series, Fade by Robert Cormier, Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, and anything by Katie Maxwell.

Music I enjoy: Queen, Relient K, Phantom of the Opera, swing, jazz, blues, classical, Presidents of the United States of America, All Things Dull and Ugly and The Lumberjack song from Monty Python.

I have also published 7 stories on www.fanfiction.net and they're under the pen name: Hermione30. Read and review! I like reviews that give compliments, they're very nice, but please, please, please have some substance in there. If at all possible, if there's ANYTHING that irked you about it, let me know so I can edit the story and learn from my mistakes. And to say how I feel about flames, I will take a moment to quote my friend: "Blind flamers are just gutless worms who like to make people feel bad."

"I write for the same reason I breathe--to live." --Isaac Asimov

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