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Sorry for not updating for so long in terms of Verbatim. I've been busy with Christmas and all the shopping I forgot to do. Forgive me?

Currently I'm working on three projects:

1. Editing "Verbatim" into a compilation that is worth reading. This is why I have taken the chapters down. Those of you who've read it still have your memories. Those of you who haven't can start over with the remaining chapter, then follow through in "Veritas" (where the key characters are reintroduced one by one, plot line by plot line).

2. Writing "Veritas", updating on a monthly basis. We all love Camden and Trevor and although their story ended with everything, everything is not the answer. Perhaps nothing is?

3. Writing "Vested", updating as I see fit. This is a story I've been meaning to write for some time now, the premise of which lies in political theory. Look forward to the same sort of devotion/trust-based love that takes centre stage in "Verbatim" and "Veritas". Although this story is not related to the other two, it has been begging to be told. For years now I've meant to write a semi-historical/semi-fantacy/semi-theoretical book. Here it is now.

Other notes:

I put up a story called "Ray" a short while ago. It is written in a highly-stylized manner, which is probably why it has no reviews. It's an old story that I wrote in my early highschool years. The plot is this: Ray is a street kid but he could've done something with his life, perhaps. At the end he and a friend try to rob a drunk guy. The story is meant to show their desperation and the pointlessness of it all. I like this story because of its age and the style of writings -- it reminds me of an abstract oil painting. (This Ray is not the same Ray that shows up in "Verbatim" and "Veritas").

I have a story in the works about a teacher who is more like some of his students than they realize. Teacher-student relationships have never been so twisted and so wholesome at the same time. If I can get beyond the fourth chapter, I will put it up.

Feel free to ask me a question in your reviews. I will answer if you have a FP account and thus can receive messages.

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