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My pen name's kamui-kun and I'm just an old man trying to revive an old hobby.

My pride and joy is Six Stand Society and whether people like it or not, this is and forever will be my favorite story of all time. All of the characters here are fictitous and at the same time real. They are strangers to me and yet they are my family. So instead of inviting you all to read my story, I'm welcoming you all to experience our lives.

BTW, did we mention that we serve pizza and alcohol while you do so? Ha! Now we got your attention.

For my old readers, thank you for your continued support . Taking a lot of things into consideration, I've decided to revamp the SSS world. All the characters you had known in the past are now all grown up, youngest one being nineteen and oldest being thirty one. The trilogy focuses on Marius with the first book Consequences being how he got into the whole mess of things. Many of the elements here are taken from The Dark and The Demented but I've added a few new things to keep it fresh.

Reviews? I won't make promises, but I will try to read yours if asked politely. Just drop a review or email me and I'll see what I can do.


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