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Hi! I'm a young Christian girl, livin' down south. I mainly write poetry, but don't post much. So enjoy what I do post! If you like what I write and want to read more I encourage you to review. When I get reviews, I'm inspired to post more stuff!

Just for a little tidbit, boring classes in school are great for inspiration.

This was posted at the request of a friend.
(For you Dafe!)

This Chance May Be Your Last
One of those come-to-you-in-the-night things.

Written to a specific friend of mine (although I never sent it to them...), but to all of my close friends that read this, I hope you take this to heart the next time I tell you I'm sorry for something.

My Child
A poem I wrote a while back, and pulled out when I decided I needed to post something new. Basically an understanding of our Heavenly Father's love.Molded after Footprints, one of my favorite poems.

Watch Me Dance
Another inspiration form History class. I don't know what it is about my teachers monologue that inspires me, but hey, whatever works!

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