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8/12/03: First update!! Put up the updates section! Also, don't annoy me, cuz I'm SEVERELY irked because FanFiction.Net is 'Page Cannot Be Displayed!!' Girr, I hate the computer sometimes!!

8/23/03: ;_; Does anyone know a webbie that has cheap ocarinas for less than 40.00???

11/14/03: No blog thingy for a while!! O_O Busy with message boards, I guess. ;-P Well, Anyway, My friend and I are making a fummy statement thing called "Edible Earth". We're studying Europe in Social Studies, and It's really funny how some countries are names of food! XD It'll be up soon. XDD Every Continent has it's own Chappy. Sorry if Australia iddn't there. (Does it have countries...?)

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