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Neon Tetra
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Hang on for a second while I surmount this here soapbox…

I sort of pointed to this in my most popular piece, “Titles Are Difficult,” but I wanted to make sure I got this particular point across. I had considered printing it in block letters at the top and bottom of every review I wrote from this time onward, but my bio page seemed like a more appropriate forum. My message is this:

Genre is not all that important.

That is to say, if you have well-drawn, interesting characters, original ideas and a solid plot, it doesn’t matter if your story is humorous, fantastic, futuristic, stylized, historical, romantic, tragic, realistic, autobiographical, or any combination of the above: if it is good, somebody will like it and remember it and recommend it. This is the principal behind all of my criticism, and the common thread with which I attempt to bind up all of my writing. As to my success at this endeavor, that is for you to determine.

This is pretty much an archive now. I may post the occasional poem if the mood strikes me, but any forthcoming fiction and essays will see publication on Critique Circle and/or my personal website (once I get one). I had fun here; I saw things that I never would have seen elsewhere and came into contact with people I will never forget. It's just time to move on.
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