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Hey, I'm Lora, 16 and living in Lichfield near Birmingham. I love music especially punk etc. I like Simple Plan, Fuel, Busted (matties so fit :D) Linkin Park, Nickleback, The Darkness and erm loads of others that arent coming to mind currently.

Well i dont really have much else to say. I'm me, I like poeple reviewing me makes me feel loved :D

Go read people on my fave authors list they're all really good writers..well duh. If they werent they wouldnt be there!

I no nothing about poetry, English is my worst subject at school and i dont read. At all. (and you're all wondering what the hell i'm doing here arent you? Well your guess is as good as mine!)

Please read 'Standing alone,' 'Untitled,' 'The last goodbye,' 'Exit this way,' and 'Me' They're my favorite poems, and probably my best. :)

Oh and if you havent got anything constructive to say dont say anything at all. I dont care if you dont like my stuff but if you're gona say its crap atleast say why. Also if i say something about you're poetry like you need to work on something or whatever dont come and read mine and say its crap just because i've critisized yours, its immature.

And to 'sacredthoughts' and her gang of paid friends. I constructivly critisized her work saying the spelling was bad and some lines didnt have enough syllables, she has a go at me. Then what does she do? Go and copy 'this poem is shit' into a review of like 4 or 5 poems, i'll ask you this...how the hell is that constructive critism? Grow up.

Okay i've had nothing but shit from people the last few weeks although i have recieved good reviews too, the bad are just not needed.Theres really not much point me staying, i thought i'd just write this so people that actually liked my work (though i'm doubting now that there was anyone) wouldnt wondered where i'd gone. I dont need people to say that my stuff is crap.

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