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I'm odd. I'm a bookworm. I'm analytical. I love cats. I'm a girl. I collect quotes. I love to watch movies (especially romantic comedies). I love to write (especially romantic comedies). I love to read (especially romantic comedies - noticing a trend?). I'm African-American. I love socks. I love nerds. Now I'm just copying the bio from my other account...

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So, I finally connected my profiles and now anyone can figure out who I am. Cool, eh? Anyways, I'm working on the next chapter and I'll be focusing a lot on my stories right now since I'm on Christmas Break and my hellish semester of college is over. (Thank God.) Unfortunately I'm no longer an English major because of said hellish semester of college. But I've always been interested in history and the idea of a history major sounds a hell of a lot better than an English one. My writing minor will take care of the intense love of writing that I have.

I'm not all that sure why I wrote that.

Anyways, I've been thinking about MUC a lot lately (probably because it's my favorite story to write and I haven't been writing it) and I can't wait to start in on it again. I really want to finish it, because I really want to turn it into a series. (You've been warned) I'd love to be able to write about Jane, Robbie, and Roth for years to come.


a n o t h e u p d a t e:

So, I'm the sucky updater again. I know. I've been trying to figure out how long Jane and Roth's first story will be and for some reason it has taken me this long to realize that it doesn't need to be some epic, thirty chaptered thing. Every time I start writing a story, I seem to be heading in the direction of a long one. But I just finished a story that was only twelve chapters long and a lot of the books I read are under twenty chapters long, so I have decided to stop trying to make MUC last forever. It is not going to be a very long story and since I have now acknowledge that, I suppose it is time to crank out the last few chapters to the story. Sigh... I'll miss them, even though their sequel starts almost immediately after the end of this one. I think the series will be fun and I'm psyched that I won't have to say goodbye to Roth, who I love.

Anyways, I'm also working on another story that has to do with Mr. Abernathy's journal assignment. But that is still in the idea (and half written first chapter) stage. I've also decided to answer a few challenges from SKoW - one of which will feature Micah Hawthorne and Hailee Hamilton (if you've read me under my other name, you'll know who I'm talking about). I'm excited about that story because I'll finally be able to write something in the supernatural genre. Well, it'll be a romance, but with a lot that goes bump in the night.

But I'm not going to start on these endeavors until I finish MUC. Then I'll probably focus on my other stories for awhile, because it would be cool to be the kind of author that actually had a lot of finished stories instead of a lot of stories in the mix. And now that I've accepted the fact that my stories don't need to have twenty-six chapters (I honestly don't know why they all end up being that long), NSIWE probably won't be that long. But I don't know, there's a lot of stuff I want to put in there. Rewriting WYOTU shouldn't be that hard - I've already written the whole thing and SOTE...well...that one will probably be longer. But I have a lot to work with. Um...and now to talk even more about stories that I don't have posted under this account, ALIL101 is probably going to be my other baby. Oddly enough, it's always my lighthearted ones that are my babies. Actually, that's probably wrong: I seriously love Javier's story and his character. Anyways, I'm going to stop this post now, because it's just be trying to not write the two papers that are due tomorrow, and I seriously need to start in on those instead of letting more and more time pass. Ta, ta!


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