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Mistress Ghost
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I'm 22 soon to be 23. yay!! My stories range from cuddly and sweet to twisted. They tend to involve Male/Male relationships and BDSM. I've got a selection of poems and the like, as well as stories and such under construction atm. If you liked my work you should all visit DargonSapphire's works (her work is also at fictionpress.com/ her pen name is DragonSapphire, dur!!) She is the heart of "Fierce Love", thank you darling for allowing me to torture poor little Adrien I shall leave you readers to my art. Also, Ms. DragonSapphire has drawn art for "Fierce Love" which you can see at http:// leave her comments if you'd like. She's a freakin' sweet artist!! I get a lot of my creativity from reading Anne Rice's erotic novels as well as other erotica. I also like odd movies like "The Secretary" and "A Clockwork Orange" (as well as the book). Maybe that'll explain my writing techniques..._Au revoir. ~Mistress Ghost

P.S. creative comments, questions, etc are wanted. Please no nasty remarks on my choice of stories. If you do not like them, please do not read them, the warnings clearly tell you what is to happen. Thanks

P.S.S. Please note that "Fierce Love" has 2 endings! I got flamed for the original ending which should be posted as chapter 13 or 14 i believe (the last on in the set). ALSO!! I've been writing the prequel to FL for like 2 years now, I need some encouragment though, as it's not going as planned...Ciao!

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