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hey everybody! *waves uncontrollably*

i have now returned from a long hiatus (i really suk at spelling in case you didn't know this lil factoid) but i have returned and i'm working a lot! so yeah iono whats gonna happen how everything is gonna work but hopefully things will be alright... anyway wow i have no idea what to put here but im thinkin im done for the moment... if ya wanna know anything my e-mail addy is down there *points* and... well... i guess that about covers it so... yeah... byes *is still waving*

now a couple really awsome authors you should read

prof delusional... a great chick, amazing writer, wonderful friend.

gaywitch...a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor and an amazing ability to write fiction, fan fic and other...you chould check him out at , specially his final fantasy stuff "shades of grey" on this site is simply amazing

okinawababy...another great chick, and great author, read any of her work and youll be glad you did

the dark swordsman...read some of his work, just do it and you'll be getting duck spots, i mean goose bumps

raymond gilstrstrap...read his alpha and omega series, NOW!!!

all in all ive never come across a bad author on this website, everything ive read has been great, sooo get out there and read...

if you wanna chat at me or anything drop me a line, i'm at bleary_light@ sooo e-mail or add me to msn and we can talk

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