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Hello folks.

So yes, I'm moving to a new username. Now don't cry; most of my work is staying here (actually, it's all staying here, as I decided I don't want to go through the trouble of transferring them all over to the new username).

As many of you have noticed (and complained), a few of my stories have been removed. These stories are "Flimsy in the Wrist", "Daydream", "All About Nothing" and "Metal and Glass". They are in the process of being reconstructed at my "shit I'm embarassed to have ever written" username with the rest of the slop... Okay "Metal and Glass" wasn't bad but it was dead before it even started so I moved it too. I also plan on moving "The Neighbors" (a story I worked on over the Summer) to this page since I actually like it... but first I have to find the floppy disk I put it on. AS FOR THE OTHER THREE... I don't like them that much at all anymore... I know I've mentioned this before, so sorry for being repetetive.

My new username is "Peregrin Chopkins": Go there, and read the new stuff (especially "The Boogieman Theory" and whatever's newest).


WHOA! Look at me updating this page! Yeah, I found an old story called "The Sexual Predators" and decided that it belongs here with all the other stories from this era. It's not bad, I don't know why I never posted it before. It's for fans of "Raging Hormones" and written at about the same time; in fact, it was supposed to be a spin-off of "Raging Hormones", but we never got to the point in that story where Becky and Natalie--the main characters of "The Sexual Predators"--make their appearance. Anyway, hope you all enjoy.

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