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I Never Needed You

This is a story about a girl who has it all. A great, wonderful, loving, rich family, her dreams and great friends. And at one point she also had the love of her life. Until he decided that he couldn't accept her dream job and broke up with her for the "best". Charity can't help but feel as if Christian only wanted her for her body, and Christian can't help but to try to show her that he really does love her and that he wants her back...but Charity doesn't easily forgive or forget.

In Progress

Wrongly Convicted

This story is about a teenage girl who is arrested and imprisoned for a crime that she has absolutely no memory of and no possible internal reasons for committing. After serving her sentence, Bryn Ryan is on a mission to make her life a beautiful thing. She is going to find the rightful killer, she's going to clear her name, and make something of herself that she can be proud of. She never expected that finding a killer would be dangerous, or that she may possibly find the love of her life in her parole officer.

Let me know what you think of what I have currently up! I appreciate it!!

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