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I wanted to leave that update below up, because every time I get inexorably bored, I return here to take a look at how much my writing, especially my poetry, has grown. I'm 17 now, and it's so strange to think that I'm almost an adult. In less than a year I'll be off to college. Sometimes I think about deleting my old poems, but I like keeping them around. It's interesting.

Hey...update again... and about time too.

Here I am looking at the large list of poems I have compiled since I first began this account and all I can say is Wow. I see how as a writer and a person I have grown and matured, been through the ups and downs...and I certainly have a much happier view on life-though I still live by the blade...mwahaha...shiny blades...ahem I'm ok, I promise. .

Lessee, I be the grand age of Fifteen, though half the time I might as well be 10, and the other half, 83. I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, playing music, listening to music and all that other good artsy stuff. I'm pretty brilliant in everything...I'm a very lucky girl. It took me way to long to realize that.

Avatre Otherkin: It's up! ahem GO READ IT and please constructively critisize. The parallel novel is up under my friend's penname: DaughterofDarkness13. She's written Genie's viewpoint and where the other group goes. This has sort of put on the back burner because of horrible horrible English class. Making me write wayyyy too many essays.

Poetry: I've got a whole slew of half finished poems in the most random places including my computer, my desk, my folders, my books...they're all over the place...I'll get some finished up soon.

Aaaaaaaaaand...I'm done rambling. Read my writing and REVIEW them. I live off reviews you know. Like a vampire. Haha...ok i'm done, honest.

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