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Black and Silver Dreamer PM
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Hello all! I'm a college girl, just trying to get through life
the best I can. shrugs Feel free to e-mail me anytime, I really have
nothing to do at all. And review my work plz!
Hum... Let's see I am 18 years old, and a freshmen living in Georgia. I love my new school, just not all the work that goes with college _ I haven't died, I'm just drowning in my homework, and I will
return...eventually. I love anime (huggles Kenshin) especially
Samurai X, Slayers Try, and...well, a lot of other ones (), and
pretty much anything fantasy based. I have a warpped sense of humor,
well, mostly just sarcasm (see 'Journies of Sarcasm' if you care) But
then again... nobody wants to know about ME... :(

So, onwards to the stories!!! Loves to all who review! If you review moi, then I will review you!

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