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Jennifer H. Westall PM
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May 2012

I began writing Love's Providence on Fictionpress almost nine years ago just to pass some time while my newborn son took his naps. Over the years, it has gone through many rewrites, and I've educated myself on the writing and publishing world as much as I can on my own. LP has been on here in many forms, and many friends have left wonderful reviews. I think it even won a SKOW award at one time. :D I'm finally venturing into publishing on my own, and Love's Providence is my first.

I hope to keep publishing work on FP as I continue, and thank any of you for your interest in my writing. Below are the first few chapters of Love's Providence, and the full novel is available on Amazon. For a paperback version, you can order from .

For all of you aspiring writers, I would say to keep writing, and keep learning how to do it better. Be eager for constructive criticism, and be ready for lots of rejection. But keep writing above all else!!

Update: 6/14/12 Love's Providence did great during it's five day promotion on Amazon with over 2700 downloads! Now it is competing with all the other books out there that are NOT free. Publishing it was actually easy, now it's the part where I get people to read it that is REALLY, REALLY challenging. I guess no matter where you publish, Amazon or Fictionpress, the challenge is still always the same: getting readers and getting reviews.

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