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M.D. Cantine
Joined Jul '03
I have taken my story 'The Magic Pillow' off the site. I'm submitting it to the Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans () and just want to be sure there won't be any probs. If you came here in search of a laugh, try 'Intergalactic Soap Opera.'

Sorry I haven't updated much. I am taking Chemistry (a high school course) and I am only an eight grader. It's busy, but I will continue to try to update more regulary.

AND YES, THIS IS COMPLEXLY SIMPLE KETTERA! (big letters to get your attention). Just FYI. I changed my name.

hamsta_boi: Very sorry, but i cannot beta for you. See Chemistry course above. I hardly have time to wrtie let alone read other people's stories. And yours is one of the good ones on this site, doncha worry. (EVERYBODY GO READ &REVIEW ONE OF HIS STORIES SO HE WON'T HURT ME BADLY.)

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