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This is an exert from the bio of Lauren Raven. I thought it was an awesome idea. Just trying to spread the word. Lauren, if you are offended, feel free to tell me and I'll write my own version. I just thought yours worked well:

Okay. Know what I've noticed? If you go to the front page of , it has a little thingie on the right where you can see the number of reviews written and pieces authored and such like that. Look carefully at those two numbers. If you average it out, each piece on this site should have at least two reviews. But do they? No. I've read a novel-length piece that has over 2000 reviews (and, as I am incredibly stingy, I will not tell you what it is. I doubt the author even reads all those reviews. And for the record, I do read all mine and I do return the favor whenever possible, in other words, pretty much always.) and there are thousands of unreviewed pieces on this site. So I have a challenge for you all: go to either Just In or Quick Picks and go through all the unreviewed pieces and review them. Or pick two. Or three. Consider an unreviewed piece a personal challenge. Your efforts will be appreciated and you may just pick up a few new readers. Anyway, on to the bio!

A little about myself-

Name: Lindsay H. (put up because I'm paranoid about plagairism. I mean, ANYONE could be Lellida.)
Age: 24

OK! I think that's about it. I tend to write fantasy, but I like to experiment in different genres, and enjoy different tastes of writing.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in your review and I will answer them up here. (Gives ya more incentive to review right? ;)) I have a fanfiction site under the same name http://www.fanfiction.net/lellida

Plz review. I always try to at least visit my reviewer's site, if not review back for them ( not out of obligation either- just cause all you guys are THAT good.)

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