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Zelda Saturn Mistress PM
Joined Aug '03
I have an account on fanfiction.net. here is the bio I use on there.

Update: 8/09/03

Well, I have finally got my website Cold Teardrops up.
View it at http://anime5/zelda3

Update: 7/10/03

No, I am not dead, and no, I have not given uo on . I just have been a lazy
bum and on other websites. So sorry for not reviewing, updateing, or posting. I will...soon.

Name:Zelda Rogue
Nick-names:Saturn's Silent Mistress, Rogue, Dark Rogue, Demetra, Glitter, Vilondra, Kari, Goddess of Darkness, Goddess of Death and Dark Illusions, Vampiress, and Elven Vampire.
Sex: Female
Age: VERY OLD! I am an elf after all. But in mortal years I am presumably 18.
Species: Well I am n elf but when I was very young I got bite. Now I am an elven vampire.
Favorite Books: Harry Potter! I have a confession to make! I never read the Lord of the Rings! Never. *Starts sobbing*
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Chamder of Secrets, The Two Towers LOTR, Spirited Away.
Favorite Singer(s): EVANESCENCE!!
Favorite Song(s): Every song on Evanescnece CD Fallen except #9 Hello. The Dream Within ny Lara Farhan, Simple and Clean (Full and remix) by Hikaru Utada.

Favorite Fanfictions: Princess-yumin's fic 'Color of Distress'.

Favorite Anime: Cardcater Sakura, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Zoids.
Favorite Characters of All Time: LEGOLAS!!! Harry Potter, Haku, Liz Parker, and Kero.
Favorite Tv Show: Roswell.

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