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New stuff: I have another account strictly for short stories so check it out, LizardoftheFreeMoon. And no, I have no idea where that name came from.
Yes, I am lazy. No, I have not worked on any of these stories as I promised. Normally bloody and violent scenes are no sweat for me, but right now I'm really in a creativity drought for where I am with Dark (which is actually miles ahead of where you are). I AM EDITING IT! IT'S JUST TAKING A LONG TIME! I'm doing some short stories now, mostly because my attention span has been shrunk considerably. Do not ask why, it is not your business, but I am just too spacey to work on novels. I AM EDITING DARK! IT WILL BE EDITED BY THE END OF SPRING BREAK! I KNOW I CONDONE USING ALL CAPS BUT THIS IS JUST TO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW I'M NOT LYING!

About my writing: Yeah, about that. Sci-fi and fantasy all the way. And I love humor, I'm really quite a witty person (don't I sound like one?) in real life, I just have a tougher time getting it to sound funny on paper. (Or in this case, on the computer)

What I like to read: Creative stories, particularly fantasy. Science fiction is also super cool. I don't mind sequels since I myself am prone to writing them.

Stuff on the stories:
Dark: Yeah, read the new stuff up there.
Kurraknalim: This is on indefinate hold, because I'm reviewing where I want the story to go.
I'm working on my humor story, albeit slowly. (Just like everything else, huh?)

Why do I talk like I actually have readers?

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