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By the way, I don't update often, because college sucks and drains the life out of you. So I post during the summer occasionally and when I finish a piece for creative writing. Til then have fun.

CURRENT STORIES: A Journey, Children of War: Thawing of Winter's Night, The Chronicles of Heaven and Hell: Life of a Rebel,and My World.

THINGS TO CHECK OUT: For some reason people seem to like A True Nightmare, and Snowflake Pendent

Recent Updates:

Feather fall ~ A short story piece I did for my fiction class.A young teen learns to live without her father, and tries to adjust to a new a new home with only a six year old girl to talk to. But there's something odd about this little girl...

My World: Chapter 5 ~ To End all Things: Its the end duh, the only thing i've managed to finish. So please tell me how much this fan service made piece turned out. How does the war end? Does everyone live? Dear god I hope so otherwise I'll have about ten of my real-life friends after me.


"Beware of quiet people, they are planning to take over the world, with the help of ninja monkeys and a court jester who's obsessed with cheese puffs" my very first quote...

"If life throws you a curve ball, aim for the pitcher" ~Your's truly

"Vini Vidi Vici." A Latin saying meaning 'I came, I saw, I concured'

"Give every man thy ear, but few they voice.Take each man's censure, but resurve thy judgement." My favorite quote from Shakespeare.

"We shouldn't speak so unkindly about this 'you' person. Its just not nice." quote from Sara Ford

"You can learn a lot about a man by the way he eats Jellybeans" Believe it or not, Pres. Ronald Reagan.

". . .. walk the world to see something, then you pass by it looking at something else." by Xalga

"Love is flying high in the air on open wings of passion

And I have a high velocity sniper rifle" ~Xalga

Still feel free to email or IM me at your leisure, i love talking to new people!

Later Dudes!

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