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Sorry if you lost me when I changed my pen name, but I haven't used T'klesh in a long time, so I felt I should update. This will also make it easier for some of my newer fans from various places to find me (as I use Koeryn for just about everything these days).

Anyways, a little about me! I'm (--) years old, male, a half decent (no longer
practicing) martial artist, skateboarder (when I have one), and I have
just recently taken up Aggressive Inline in my list of ways to severely
injure myself!

When I'm not busy trying to kill myself with my active hobbies, I write, draw, listen to a lot of music
('course, I do that when I'm skateing, flipping, and bladeing too!),
taking pictures, and gaming. I'm pretty busy!

On top
of all this, I'm a browncoat! Any other browncoats out there,
feel free to holler at me, I'm koeryn on the 'versal board, and I'm
Pathogen Boy if you happen to be a Houston 'coat.

You want to see most of my works, check my http://"DeviantArt account, I don't do anything really deviant, so yes, even little kids can look there without fear of (much) corruption.

but not least, I'm a writer, and while I enjoy writing on it's own, I
do enjoy getting feedback as well, so please, if you read one of my
works, leave a comment! It will only take a minute of your time, and it
makes me want to write more!

And for those people
who may want to know what Ethereal Metal is, check out a band called
"Nightwish", especially the album Once. It's very good!

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