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Pen Name: Piper Sullivan

Age: 18

Basically: I am a semi-depressive, pessimistic high school graduate, pseudo-artist, writer and creator. I like to play video games such as Phoenix Wright, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, but I'm not obsessed. Judge me as you will. I currently work at a windpower company as a marketing assistant (i.e. not going to college at this point in time). As an ex-anime fanatic, I still enjoy the style for what it is, but rarely watch or read what japanese comics/cartoons have to offer, mainly due to the fanbase and hype, which has overstimulated me over the years. I do, however, still draw in a semi-anime-esque style.

My favorite style of writing is low fantasy. Perhaps I will post snippets of my projects.


Music: Classic Rock, Classical, Instrumental, Soundtracks, Alternative, Rock, Rockabilly

Movies: Big Fish, Pan's Labyrinth, Memento, Lord of the Rings (trilogy)

Writing Updates:
None yet

Deviantart Gallery: =Raccuun

LiveJournal: Ensnarement

Aim: SnowieBrooke

MSN: drowwning @ (minus spaces, of course)

E-mail and Yahoo: unstrung_lute @

Piper Sullivan (aka Michelle)
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