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Good day, fellow readers, writers, andwhatnot.

My name is diceK, your ordinary high-school teenager aspiring to be a writer. Born and raised in good, old Ramsey, New Jersey, 07446, I currently live somewhere else. Not in the same hemisphere as most of you readers, I'd think, though. I love reading, especially Tom Clancy, Agatha Christie, and Erich Maria Remarque. I also love writing.

My Projects

I've 'aborted' many stories in the past, and have just started a new project. It's called 'The Quicksilver Compromise', which you can see below. It is a short novel about an act of nuclear terrorism against the United States of America. However, this story is NOT your ordinary terror thriller. It has been rigorously planned, although its layout changes occasionally, resulting in a novel like no other. It is never as it seems. JUST READ IT. Oh, by the way, I deleted all other stories as of 7/20/06. I'm focusing on QC.

Progress Report

Chapters 1, 2, parts of 3, an experimental Chapter 0 (Before 1), as well as an unposted Prologue are in my computer. I actually have parts of an Epilogue, but I've decided to hold on that, watch how the rest of the story develops.


Now that I've switched to the latest version of word, my writing should become easier. Maybe not. Need to get a new PC...



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