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Hellooo peoples! *stands up to look around and nods approvingly* Chi would like to welcome you to her profile, Chi means, she knows she doesn't actually look at profiles either, Chi is more interested in the stories then the person, hehe!

Anyway about Chi...

Name: Chi's name is Chi as everyone calls her, its a shortening of Chi's AIM sn Chibianglight
Gender: FemaleAge: They say you should never ask a woman her age, but Chi will tell you, 17!!!! yay!!!
Hair: Black with red highlights
Eyes: Brown Yea, Chi is Asian, give her one who isn't black haired and brown eyed and Chi might give you money, but most probably not
Height: 5'1", Chi is not short, thinks everyone else is just too tall
Weight: Now you definitely don't want to ask THAT and Chi is not gonna tell you either, it isn't like you NEED to know...otherwise that's just wierd -_-'
Birthstone: Aquamarine or Bloodstone, yea Chi a March baby *grins* Go March!

Some of Chi's faves you say? Well let's see...

Colors for starters: Chi would have to say forest green. basically dark green
Animal: The BEST animal of all the WOLF! *howls* err...next to Chi's pooch Amber! Fuzzy animals rule!!!
Mythical Animal: DRAGON! They are awesome, so powerful and magical and everything! They rule!! Next in line would be either the Griffon or Unicorn it's a close call.
Books: Blood and Chocolate, Black Beauty (it's a classic), The Flying Dutchman, and any of the Redwall series (especailly Taggerung), the third Harry Potter book (Sirius Black RULZ!), Da Vinci Code (neat book really!), NOW I ALSO LIKE THE HITCHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY TRILOGY W00T!!!
Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean!!! Fifth Element (go Diva lady!!), Princess Bride, Ocean's Eleven (and 12!!)
Sports: Volleyball, archery, fencing, swimming, ice skating, rollerblading, soccer, skiing, and horseback riding, the list goes on... (yes Chi has done them all and likes them all 2!!)
Instruments: Piano (Chi plays the violin too, but Chi doesn't like it very much)
Music: most of the music Chi listens to is soft rock, her fave song is Where is the Love? by Black Eyed Peas, it is THE coolest song in the world!!! Chi would write the lyrics for you if Chi wanted to, but that would take up so much space and time that Chi just can't spare you guys, so sorry *not* There are a bunch of bands that Chi likes, such as Matchbox 20, Blink 182, etc. but Chi doesn't really don't feel like naming them all. (Boulevard of Broken Dreams is AWESOME TOO!!)

Chi has decided to place a list of what she has/is working on: Poems
~I'm Sorry
~Shattered Dreams (redone)
~What do the flowers say?
~The Silver Wolf (in progress-third chapter up)

Chi has but one quote that Chi would really love to share and Chi would really wish that people know that there will always be someone out there in the world for them.

"A friend is lyke a teddy bear, always their when you need a hug."

Good-bye now, Chi enjoyed talking...err...writing to you all! *bows and leaves*

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