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.serene-rhapsody.&.bridgette's tears.

likes black.victorian era.
harry potter.stars.the number four.
classical music.fashion.art.history.
gothic architecture.japan.learning to
speak japanese.memoirs of a geisha.
pasta.butterflies.sophie's world.gothic lolita.
cold and white and sepia-
tinted photographs.digital camera.
tori amos.regina spektor.holly brook.imogen heap.kate nash
philosophical discussions.ballerinas.flower fields.
fallen leaves.scribbling.antique cameras.
historical sites.old musical instruments.sunsets.
alice in wonderland.people
who wear glasses.

hates hypocrites.backstabbers.
senseless commercials.fakeness.mathematics.
cockroaches.people who try to use you.
being mediocre.pushy people.
bland food.snobbish people.metal rock.
people who borrow things
then either break them or lose them. hard metal rock.
people who laugh so loudly.overly outgoing people.
obssessive compulsiveness.super vulgar rap songs.
people who think they're
emo whilst they're not.using the word
"vain" so casually

author's general note for all of the stuff posted here: whenever i use first person point of view for a piece, it's not necesarrily me that's the character in it...perhaps most of them are my desperate attempts to make the feel of the poem a bit intimate...

if you'll brush through my poems, you might notice that the styles changed from my recent ones to the older ones...well, i think people change, and so their styles...i think my new ones are more unique though.

Feb 25, '08
- - -i'm kind of sad since i am starting to realize that most of my contemporaries here in fictionpress are one by one starting to be inactive or deleting their poems...and i kind of remember how once, fictionpress used to be so full of life and brimming with talent...if you are my contemporary and you share my sentiments, drop me a message...

i'm currently finding korean dramas as well as korean actors so adorable...

time waits for no one
~Konno Makoto in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

also, i went to japan december of 2006 and i've been to the hiroshima peace memorial museum and park and all of it made me sad...we humans don't need atomic weapons...

p.s.: i hope my other japanese classmates would email me as well...but im thankful that one of them still does...

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