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Hey everyone! This is Mint-Breath talkin!!!!
Please read my stories!!!!!

By the way here are some of my stats...

Gender: Female (duh) wat dija think i was?????

Age: Do you think i'm stupid enough to tell you that! I need my privacy!!!!!

Fave things to do: Read and Write! If it wasn't do you think i would be on this site! Geeez!

Story's Written: OK are you an idiot or what! My stories are just below this! God! Think man think!

Location:(here's a hint)Eh?

Occupation: Student (BORING) HYPER BOUNCY PARTY GURL!!!!!

Status: single...why do u care???

Best Friends: Sayin hello to my peeps! Jenny, Sasha, Liora, Tia, AJ, Katie, Arlene, Breanne, Kristin, Meghan and Samantha, Ashie, Rylan, Kat, Jackie, Mel, Kayla, Josh, Sara, RaeRae, Spencer, Emily, Care, Squirt, Meghean, Matt and Jason!!!!!
If I didn't mention someone tell me and I will add you!!!

I base some of the Charactors in my story's on my friends and their friends and their friends etc... For example, Tia the parrot is based on my friend Tia and her friend Carolyn
( I don't know if she's my friend or not but I hope she is)
is my inspiration for Carolyn the Shapeshifter!

IM BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Ok, after a LONG Vacation, I'm ready to update my stories! MY WRITERS BLOCK IS GONE PPLZ!!! WOOOOOOOT!!

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