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Hey, my name's Lyss, great meeting you. Since I have started high school, my time has been more limited to school and other activities. Yes, It means writing less, and so I hope I can complete more on holiday breaks. I have a new story titled Proving Gitty. Unfortunatly, I havn't been able to keep up with the sequal to One Week Romance just because I got bored with the characters. Hopefully I will be able to continue it later (maybe after my new story).

1) Beauty and the Boy: My first romance story. It was the first story I have ever written so it's really cheesy. People have seemed to enjoy it, so I guess it's not so bad.

2) Fame: I like this story because it is so real. I'm sure a lot of girls can relate to the main character. It is a pretty quick read. Not very detailed so if you read this one first, it's not quite my writing style. I'm usually more detailed. How ever, it's pretty popular.

3) Some Guy Was Killed Outside My Bedroom Window: Probally the best story I have posted yet. I had written it just for fun but my english teacther assigned a mystery story. I got an A. Let's see if you agree.

4) Mini Mysteries: Kinda popular. I'd like to see if you can figure them out. The answers are also in the reveiws so don't read them if you want to figure it out on your own.

5) My Poems:My tutor had me write some poetry so that's why they are here.

6) My Philosophy:This has to be the best thing ever written to help out guys. I figured, since girls have all these teen magazeens to help us "talk to guys", the best thingI can do is to help guys talk to girls. I would love to have comments on this peice. Girls can benifit from this too! But the real reason I wrote this was because I was screwed by some guy this past summer. But everything is okay now. ;)

7)One Week Romance: This is my favorite romance story. I dought that it would happed in real life, but girls, (hint hint) we all wish it would.

8) Moving West: The Second Week: This isn't finished yet, but...8 is mylucky number! It's the sequal to One Week Romance. I'll probally finish it after my latest story (see below)

9) Proving Gitty: ~this story is different than anyone I have ever written. First off, one of the characters is not named 'Mike'. If you never noticed, all of my big stories have a character named Mike. Second off, this is not set in the 21 century and the family does not have a mom and a dad. It's also written in 3rd person.Let me know if this storymakes sense, the way it flows and all.

Happy reading! Love Lyss

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