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Hi, the name's Stehenie A.K.A. Snki.
I'm 5ft.6in. 125lbs.
I'm a17 year old female, I'll beeighteen october 21, 2006
I go to SHS, I'm a Junior. I love Anime, manga, sports, and fighting. Soccer is my favorite sport.(Sectional champs!!!) (District champs baby!!!yeass!!!) I also have an account on Fanfiction.net, my screen name there is SNKI. I read the monthly Shonen Jump magazine, I love to play video games, and I LOVE to eat!!!(I'm just supprised that I'm not fat)!!!!!!(for proof check out my profile myspace /soccakerr) I'm sporty and fun to be around. I came to Fictionpress, because I decided to put up one of my stories...I stay inside a lot because if I go out side I'm chased by the evil munchicons...(kids) Blah!!! I have 2 sisters, 1 brother, mom, and dad, who think that I'm nuts...no biggie there...I agree with 'em sometimes...I think you would too!! well, read my stories and I hope ya like 'em!!!
later! ~Steph~

P.S. If you have a profile come rate me!!! my s/n is CrimsonPuddle. I've got Sephie on my page!! =^,^=

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