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Amicus Veritas...which translates somewhat to, "Friend of Truth" and Amicus...will be the title of a Novel in progress. I am an older man, single at the time being, served time at the University of Maryland, University of Portland,(Oregon) University of Hawaii and Murray State University in Kentucky.

I have had a thirty year career in Broadcast and Print Journalism...Reporter...Disk Jockey, Talk Show Host and Sportscaster. I have one small published work on Politics, two complete novels and two more in progress. I also have a book of short stories in progress but they are Romance/Erotica and I may not be permitted to publish here.

There is a caveat with my new writings...they may contain thoughts and ideas that you may not agree with or may even find objectionable. However, as a writer, I hold that all areas of intellectual endeavor should be explored, regardless of who's ox may be gored. It is my opinion that progress toward Truth is made through competing ideas and the ability to speak of one's thoughts freely. Please join me in that search for truth.

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