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Before you proceed, follow me on Facebook at Brendan Aurabolt or via Xbox Live at Aurabolt. You can also add me on Skype at Aurabolt84.

Thank you.

This Profile is now UP TO DATE as of February 8, 2016.


Meh, what can I say other than I like to write Novels. Most of my stories are several chapters long so...yeah. I like to take my writing to the next level if you know what I mean. If you don't like my style of writing, get over it. All that I ask is that you give my stories a chance and keep an open mind. You can also check out my Wordpress Blog (link below) where I share some of my wisdom based on 20 years of writing.

This is the URL for my non-Fan Fiction Stories: auraboltsfictionpress(dot)wordpress(dot)com/

...Fix the URL when you put it in your address bar. The admins block all URLs that lead outside this website.

Once again, thanks for your continued support!

Updates From the Author

February 8, 2016

Fellow Writers and Readers,

It's been brought to my attention Fanfiction.net has been mirrored by SIX malicious websites laden with malware. In short, every single story on this website has been STOLEN by SIX fraudulent websites. Said stories are sold on some of these websites without permission from the authors. In light of this, I've removed ALL of my stories from both FFnet and Fictionpress.

I've threatened to pull my work from the other site several times in the past over incidents of plagiarism around work stolen from Fictionpress. I'm a man of my word.

To those who've been following my work over the years, I'm truly sorry but I'm doing what I feel I have to in order to protect what I've worked on for a good 20 years now. That said, I will continue to write but my stories will be published elsewhere. Follow my blog (link above) to be in the know on the progress of any of my stories in progress. You can also PM me. I will check my inbox periodically.

The last 14 years have had their ups and downs for me as a writer on this website. I have alot of memories, mostly great. I look forward to your continued support as I move on from this website. To find my blog, Google "Aurabolt's Fan Fiction". It will be the top 30 results. Click the first link for my newest blog post.

- B.A.

September 23, 2015

He lives!

...This may be my final profile update on Fictionpress. I have decided to switch over to Inkitt full-time. It took them two years to meet my standards but now that they have, I no longer have a reason publish my work on Fictionpress. Inkitt went out of its way to earn my trust and admiration. I can't say the same about Fictionpress and Fan Fiction (dot net), which has the same Admin Team.

After using this site for twelve years, I am finally able to move on. While I will no longer publish stories, I will continue to read stories while encouraging folks serious about their writing to use Inkitt or AO3.

It's been fun =O

~ Brendan Aurabolt

Copyright Info

Updated as of 2/8/2016

The Serene Adventure Sagas, the Serene Adventure Legacy Stories and all characters mentioned in the stories are property of myself and CANNOT be used without my express written permission. Likewise, my Original Characters on this site may not be used in any publication, electronic or otherwise without my written permission. Failure to comply with my request WILL result in swift a legal action if deemed appropriate. You may use my characters provided you ask first AND do not use them in novels, books or stories you plan to profit from.

The only sites I've given permission to host the Serene Adventure Stories (other than my own of course) are Fictionpress, Archive of Our Own (AO3), Inkitt, DeviantArt and Wordpress. If you find my work on any other site, chances are good it's without my permission. Please let me know ASAP especially if my work is being sold. When I want people to pay to read my work it will be by MY terms!

End Copyright Info

Shout Outs

JuliAngelFace's popular story Playing House is the only story I have seen updated consistantly. Previously titled "What Happens When...", it is a harrowing tale of what happens when friends and friends of other friends get together. She finished it in 2009 and merged the story with its sequel so if you haven't yet, go read the entire story!

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Pen Name: Brendan Aurabolt

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Occupation: Education, Assistant Teacher

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Favorite Quote: "Planning Gets in the Way of Execution." -John Nike, Jennifer Government (Max Barry)

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