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name: is it important, I didn't think so
age: 14 damn time, when you want it to go fast, nope, when you want it to be slow, nope no help there either.
sex: Female, at least that's what biology says.
sign: Aquarius, I have many moods, it scares people, haha
+Random thought: I'm a broken goth. I hate anything cliche, no way in hell would you read any overused phrase in my writing.
+I love alternative rock I would list bands but do I really want to waste my whole life here.
+I'm a romantic but don't u dare tell anyone. Weird how I'm romatic but haven't had a crush in 4 years, I blame my dumb ass school.
+My school brings all of yours to shame, it is absolutly the worst. I plan to make a bonfire and burn my uniform as soon as im out of there do join me fellow uniforn wearers.
Though i am in span of uncreativity(is that even a word) I have decided to try to write a story about my life(on my interesting days)much of it will be fiction but it will be based entirely on my stinking life in arlington ,texas. Now you must be wondering "what makes her life so great?She must have some ego?" Though i agree with u my life is diffrent cuz i am a muslim in a time where i am hated and rejected by many. I go to private school with people like me and we are encourged to'mingle' with non-muslims to show them we are not terrorists. And we say to them(behind their backs... what... u think we're stupid) i have much better uses of my time than to mingle with people that hate me in the first place. So i decided to write a story about my life and publish it here. THE STORY IS REAL I AM NOT MAKING IT UP(mostly)
I have decided to write it entirely before posting as that would give me less of a chance at failure. So hope u enjoyed my rambling(i know i did)
thank you for staying this long.
and goodnight to u all(or evening or morning or whatever time u are reading this)

What is today??? Like I know when im on vacation, whatever.
I'm bored out of my mind so if anyone wants to talk, add me their msn

I'm absolutly insane so your garunteed a good time.

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