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Lunar Wulf Gemini PM
Joined Sep '03

Hi. I never know what to write about myself in theses things. I'm seventeen, have tendency to daydream, get into mischief, and ramble when I'm nervous. I love to read (pretty much anything), write, hangout with friends, anime, etc. etc.

Man, this is starting to sound like on of those really bad dating profile things. Oh well.

I generally write manga, fantasy,or sci-fi.And some may contain guy-guy or girl-girl pairs (A.K.A shounen-ai,shojo-ai, yaoi, yuri...)

Oh and my old name was Twin Lunar Wulf and sometimes go by LWG when I'm reviewing, not signed in.

I apologize to anyone who started reading my stories for the delay. Tough times happened and a great deal of changes. That had to be the longest freakin'

sabbatical that I've ever taken. I once again apologize

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