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I won't say much because I love the formlessness and anonymity of this site but I'm an aspiring author so please review my work.
Pleeeeeese review my stuff I cannot stress this enough it's really important to me.

At some point I'm going to try to put a story on here with a version of it being told by the "good guys" and a version being told by the "bad guys". Don't be suprized if I never get round to it though.

I'm currently working on a poem for my sister, yes runt you heard me now leave me alone and finding titles for my untitled poems. If you have one put it in your reviews because i can't make titles they are evil so are summaries.

OK I have a few things that I will tell you about myself despite what I said earlier. My fanfiction account name is wraith queen. I only have one story on it it only has one chapter but I'm working on it. I am possibly the world's only Peter Wiggin fangirl (but not a rabid fangirl). Everyone is so mean to him, poor Peter; but don't make fun of me. One more thing. Also I cannot write reviews, or at least I cannot write decent reviews. I'm working on it.

UPDATE: I just read Death and Emily and Emily and Death by Hoodoo (you should to) so I'm trying out the subject matter, I'm not quite sure what i'll do though maybe death will keep a diary or something.

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