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Nerd Slut
Joined Sep '03
Hello! Just to let you all know right off the bat I am a shameless romantic! There I said it. Unfortunately I cannot find my soulmate but I've found someone who could be. I plan to ask him out before too long.

Oh if only you knew what it was like to be an Angel of Love. To wander around searching for your soulmate but never finding him. Oh *sighs* Ok. Basically I am a huge nerd lover. Guys with braces and glasses are hot as all hell! Yeah you all know what I'm talking about. *winks*


Name:Angel of Love or Nerd Slut


Likes: Boys, music, animals especially dogs and cows,potatoes (Don't ask), art!, Anime, writing, coloring, reading, baseball(guys look great in those tight pants) softball (I look great in those tiny shorts) lol. I love Cammi Poo, Gisei, Tiffylips, and Vanilla girl! I also love all foods!
My comfort foods:ice cream, choclate, potatoes(Again doan't ask), eggs, roast beef, steak, and anything sweet! i also love chinese food. I could eat that everyday. My favorite is red neck chinese food. That's the kind my dad makes for us!

Dislikes:People who are mean, people who hate baseball and anime and everything I like. I really don't have anything against cats but the ones that I know follow me around my friends house. They just keep staring at me and I just want to run.

My fav animes: Cowboy bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, FLCL, Gundam Wing series, Blue gender, and whole bunch of other ones. Oh yeah And I LOVE Angel Sanctuary! Too bad they only made three episodes. *Starts to cry*

Ok! I am really into scary stories! I love horror stuff! I love Harry Potter, Duo, and Heero!

I am working on my stories and I am an artist. I paint and I would like to have art in my future. I want to be an animator, a video game designer, and possibly a writer.

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