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Jon Preston PM
Joined Sep '03
I present to you the following:

-I am a resident of the state of California, and live in that state's capital.
-I am 16 years past voting age, and have voted in every election I could. It's called arithmetic, try it.
-I work as an analyst for a large government agency. And no, it's not the CIA, you conspiracy-flinging crazies.
-I graduated from college in Los Angeles 7 years ago, summa cum laude. I dual-majored in Political Science and History, with minors in Philosophy and Physics. Yes, that's three P's. And yes, it was fun as hell, and yes, my counselor hated my guts.
-My pen name may or may not be my real name. I'm probably not too apt to reveal that.
-If you want to know my political leanings, read my posts. If after doing so you don't come to the conclusion that I'm a Libertarian Neo-Lib, then you're obviously reading wrong. Or I'm wrong. Hmm...
-I am an atheist. I love telling people that.

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