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Hello! welcome to my lookup! Um, not much to say. just that if you ever read my stories, exspect bad spelling and grammar.

I'm working on a seires called The Cursed Chronicles and the first part, The Curse of Murder, should have it's first chapter up soon. The charters that i created, meaning the're mine are:

Sakarea: Main evil. Placed the curses on the main charters and is the cause for all things bad in the seires.
Age: 15 (5 when cursed)
Gender: Female
Curse: Curse of Murder
At night when there's a moon she will go into a trance like state and kill NEthing that moves. When there isn't a moon at night, she'll fall asleep. But when there is a moon and she does not get hit with moonlight, she'll die.
Age: 16 (6 when cursed)
Gender: Female
Curse: Curse of Sprits
Whatever she touches, angery sprits will come and destroy it. The problem is once they come, she can't controll them.
Age: 17 (7 when cursed)
Gender: Male
Curse: Curse of Emotion
Unable to feel, he wanders the land aimlessly, killing all who appose him(simple enough).

The way they got cursed is Sakarea put a spell on the item they cared most about. And once they touched it, duh, they were cursed. So throughout the seires they meet and join forces to kill Sakarea bla bla bla... Pretty bacic.

Well, that's all i can think of.

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