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Joined Sep '03
Name: Amanda
Nic-Names: Kitten, Faith(y), 'Manderz, 'Mandaz
Sex: F
Loc: GA

Fav's- (ignore the caps...)
Bands: RAMMSTEIN! GODSMACK! COLD! ADEMA! ATTICA INMATES! (I luv ya Al, Jason, and Jefferey!) Murder Dolls, Disturbed, MudVayne, Slayer, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Marylin Manson (a lil'), Drowning Pool, Borialis, Brides Of Destruction, Cathedral, Finch, Iron Maidon (old school), Reel Big Fish, The Offpsring (old school punk-type), Trapt, Taproot, Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Lit, Alkaline Trio, The Used,Caesars, Bowling forSoup (kinda), FallOut Boy, Grandaddy, Bright Eyes, BrandNewand more...! Yeah... Music is my thing

Colors: Purple, black, red, and silver

Movies: Dogma, Clerks, Mall Rats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Sin City, Slither, Domino, Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, Resevior Dogs, Crash, Hostel, Saw I & II, The Last Unicorn (we will NOT go there), Click, There's more I'm sure.. just can't think of anything.

Books: The Keeper's Chronicles (Tanya Huff), Dhampir Series (Barb and J.C. Hendee), Nightfall (Love vampire stories), Nightshift (Stephen King), The Enchanted Cup, Greek Myths, Irish Folklore.. blah, blah, blah

I used to write songs and stories and draw... but now I work (30-35 hrs a week) and I go to school full time, so I barely have time even for sex. Sigh. But when I can manage, I watch movies, and hang out with my Snuggle Bunny

I don't do the Myspace thing, so don't ask. But I swear, Myspace is going to take over the world, and no one will see it coming...

Uhm... I'm just a freshman in college getting my associate's. I plan on majoring in vet. medicine. I would like to be a technician and then maybe go from there. I have a dog (actually my mom's), a rabbit (was supposed to be my brother's but I feed it), a cat (at my dad's house), another cat that just decided to stay b/c we didn't bother to kill it, a hen (she just laid her eggs infront of our portch and won't leave, but my fav is Ki Khu my gorgeous beta fish. I love my Khu! I've been with my Snuggle Bunny for almost 2 years (excited) we're hopinh to make it through another semester of going to different schools. We're not that far apart though, whoot! I live with my dad, visit my mom regularly. I have two brothers (one my mom's the other my dad's) and a little sister (my dad's). If you hadn't noticed my parents are divorced. My dad remarried, my mom... divorced, again. I'm the oldest child and oldest grandchild and I only have 2 cousins. Are you happy now? You know everything about me! I'm a very plan person with no personality! ...Oh, I'm also very sarcastic.


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