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I started writing when I was very young, possibly before I broke the double digits. I had developed a deep affection for Card Captor Sakura and breached the world of fanfictions. Recently I decided to flick through a couple of them and was amazed at the plot holes, spelling and grammar. To think how much growth I've had since then. Anyways, after enjoying myself with writing many different fanfictions I came to realize that the story I was working on had mostly "original" characters in it by that point. I began to write short stories, and haven't looked back since.

I think I was around 13 years old when I made this account. As a result, the writing is of course at a somewhat-angst-ridden-13-year-old level. I still like the ideas of a few of them though, so I intend to rewrite a couple of them. Since I'm going to rewrite them, I'll leave the old versions up. I'm about to attend university and begin in a creative writing program, and when I was reminded about this site I thought it might be good to post short stories here and feedback from other writers. I've written a few things for a couple of classes, so while they're not my most creative things they are my most up to date things. Some of them I'd like to redo and refine, some I kind of wish I could burn but decided to share in hopes of more growth.

Please feel free to read my stuff and just say "This is awesome!"/"This kind of sucks...", but definitely feel free to go into specifics.

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